Writing A Press Release For SEO – How To Increase Presence

Google is always getting smarter, and it can be difficult to get every press release into Google News. You should verify sensitive topics not covered by Google News in order to increase your chances of seeing your release make the cut.

If you’re new to press releases, you’re probably thinking about going with either a free or relatively cheap service, or some of the most expensive (and theoretically most effective) distribution services on the market.

But there is a better way. With free services, you don’t know where your press release is going to end up once distributed. With the expensive services, you often know where your release will appear, although you won’t really be leaving any additional room in your marketing budget.

Mid-level press release services will often give you the best opportunity to have your news picked up by premium news sites, including Google News, without busting through your entire budget. And unlike their cheaper counterparts, these services will give you a full report on your press release syndication, including a list of your live links so that you can actually view the sources that have picked up your press release.

Find yourself an expert press release syndication service[1] with a great price tag and start seeing for yourself the benefit of press releases in your marketing strategy.


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