Where Does a PR Fit Into The Marketing Funnel?


The term PR, Public Relations, is as simple as it states and is an important factor in marketing of any product or service. It is a technique of connecting with public and creating a positive image of your service or product.

One can simply release a book or film, however, what’s the point of doing the same, if no one is aware of the same? Articles / blogs etc are written for the public and you want them to read the same. Until you tell them that ‘look I have written a book about so-so topic’ people may not come to know at all about your book. Thus, PR is important to make the customers aware of service or product, by activities that help build a positive relationship.

Businesses have always used variety of means and tools to create PR. You must have often seen a press release of a film and the actors of the same in some chat show etc; these all are ways of generating curiosity and awareness about your product.

There are numerous positives of good PR activities. It helps in

  • Building relationships
  • Developing trust
  • Increases visibility and brand awareness
  • Increases conversion

Its like creating a chain, where you influence the visitor with your content and then divert them into conversion.

What is a marketing funnel?

A marketing funnel is a series of acts/exercise a consumer goes through before finally converting into a lead. Why for that matter a marketing funnel is called funnel and not anything else? For this we need to understand the shape of the funnel. It is wider on top and gradually narrows down. This means that there are many people on top and gradually reduces like a funnel into zeroing into conversion.

How can we get people on the top of the funnel? Bringing people on top is where PR works. Motivating people to pay a visit. Let’s see how PR helps us to get people to be a part of the top of the funnel.

Generating awareness of your company/business/brand.  How? Through

  1. Content marketing

We all know the importance of content marketing by now. The contents, blogs, videos are all means of creating awareness and recognition to your business. All the businesses are doing content marketing, which makes it more important to employ PR.

PR is the means to bring your content forward, in front of the audience. What will be the use of content, a good content if it is not been seen? why waste money on creating it? make the best use of it by presenting it to your audience and create awareness of your business.

For the content to make great impact, it needs backing of good PR. The job of PR is spreading out the right content to the right audience and creating a dramatic impact.

  1. Social media

Social media is a great platform to reach out to a good number of audiences. Here also the PR will promote you and your ads. Your campaign can be in the form of videos, strips, blogs, content, etc. the PR promotes you and creates awareness of your business on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. It generates a buzz around that brings people on top of the funnel.

Marketing campaigns thus lead to awareness.

The next step to the funnel is

Once visitors flock to your site, you need to hold them there, and cater to their interest. Again, you can hold them with your creative interesting content, videos, infographics etc. You can understand what they want and help them reach there. Allow them to take a tour and develop interest in your product/service.

They may or may not convert, but they will surely appreciate the experience at your site. So, make your website such that people can stay and enjoy.

The level of interest people show on your site gives you an insight in to your marketing strategy. PR can only work best if you your service / product is also the best, and is of use to people. A classic example here can be that of a movie that flops for lack of a good script inspite of having spent a fortune on PR activities. It fails to be a hit because of poor product and thus, people will reject it in one show.

You may lose your investment, as PR is not cheap. So, plan well, and evaluate your strategy and find the loopholes, and try again with new plan.

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