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PeerMatrix Inc. announced today the first public release of the PeerMatrix software, which for the first time allows advertisers to deliver ads to 200 million people who use file-sharing software (also known as “Peer-To-Peer” or “P2P” software) like LimeWire and Shareaza.

“It’s a completely new type of advertising,” said Bernard Trest, President of PeerMatrix Inc. “For the first time, advertisers can target 200 million file sharers who were previously off limits to advertising.”

The software works similarly to Google AdWords, creating ads that match whatever a file sharer is searching for. Say, for example, an advertiser has a video ad for a car named “CarAd.mpg”. If a P2P user searches for “The Fast and the Furious” the PeerMatrix software will return a search result to the user indicating that a video file called “The Fast and the Furious.mpg” is available… regardless of the actual name of the video file. Similarly, if a user searches for the phrase “Corvette Movie” the software will return a search result for “Corvette Movie.mpg” regardless of the name of the original ad file. This technology, which the company calls AdMorph™, was deemed important and innovative enough for a U.S. patent.

The software works by taking incoming search requests from P2P users and dynamically generating search results that exactly match those searches. The user who conducts the search is therefore persuaded to download and view the ad.

Testing conducted by PeerMatrix Inc. shows that the software is capable of delivering 2 million 10 second video ads a month or 20 million 15 second audio ads a month using just a single computer equipped with a 100 megabit connection to the Internet. Since a dedicated computer with a high-speed Internet connection can be leased from an Internet hosting company for about $79 a month, the PeerMatrix software compares very favorably to Google, which charges $40,000 to deliver the same number of video ads.

Advertisers can set the PeerMatrix software to only return ads for specific search keywords, or to send ads to every P2P user who conducts a search, regardless of the contents of the search. The software’s flexibility also allows virtually any type of advertising to be delivered: video ads, audio ads, HTML files, PDFs, or any other type of file an advertiser wishes to distribute.

According to Trest, the company’s software represents an entirely new way to advertise: “Up until now, advertisers had no way to reach the 200 million people who use P2P software. This large pool of people is an untapped market that our software has opened up to Internet advertisers.”

Trest says his company has big plans for PeerMatrix: “Our software does for P2P file sharing what Google did for keyword advertising. By opening up P2P users to advertising, we plan to become the Google of P2P ads.”

PeerMatrix is affordable enough for a small company or an entrepreneur to use, but can be scaled to run on hundreds of computers to provide cost-effective advertising for large corporations.

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